It’s Really Summertime!

Back when I first learned of the Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls release date, I thought to myself by the time this book comes out it will be summertime, like, for real.

And here we are! Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

To celebrate the release of Mrs. Smith’s, I’m skiing Squaw Valley because this native New Yorker really wants a t-shirt that says ‘I skied July 4th!’. Then I’m dragging the family down to Lake Tahoe and making them jump in the water with me. However, I will not make anyone buy a t-shirt that says ‘I went swimming on July 4th’ because that is less interesting.

I’m thrilled that this book is out in the world. Abby is fun and brave and willing to sacrifice everything to save her friends…and, of course, the world, because that’s how these things work. So maybe take her to the beach with you or on a road trip or out on a sailboat (in a plastic bag?!) or wherever your long lazy days might lead you. Abby goes well with all the flavors of summer.

And as always, happy reading to all!

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Reviews: Kirkus, Publishers Weekly