Mighty Girls

When I was a kid we had Dorothy, a girl unafraid, resilient, adventurous, smart, loyal, curious, capable and determined. Sure, she had those fancy ruby slippers but her strength came from inside.

(Never mind the flying monkeys, I’d have been out of there the minute this happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IErqIMLwtQ)

Today Dorothy has a wealth of fictional sisters. Sophie. Honorine. Freya. Annabeth. Gracie. Sadie. Alanna. Valor. Miri. Lady Ada and Mary Godwin. Hilary Westfield. Coraline. Liza and so many more.

How lucky for girls growing up today. How remarkable to have all these examples of girls being girls being incredible. Action and adventure, chills and thrills are no longer just for boy characters. Girls are no longer relegated to the position of sidekick. Whether readers take this out on the soccer field or into math class, the mirrors and windows these stories provide is critical.

On July 4th, my latest novel, Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls, releases. Abby Hunter is one of these girls, absolutely sure she can get the job done, even if it doesn’t always go her way the first time. Or the second. Or maybe even the third. Like Dorothy, she’s not afraid to try. She won’t back down or away. I hope you enjoy her as much as I have.

To recognize these smart and intrepid fictional girls, I want to spend the weeks running up to the release of Mrs. Smith’s highlighting some of my favorites.

There will be book talk, author interviews, giveaways and more. Stay tuned!

But before you go, I have a mission for you (if you hear the Mission Impossible music in your head, that doesn’t mean you’re crazy): get one of these books into the hands of the #fiercegirl or #mightygirl in your life!  

(for full book list, click here)

Or share one of your favorites with me.



Lady Ada & Mary Godwin