So you wanna write a book?

Back in August, I started taking a Vinyasa yoga class. Today, I’m one hundred classes in and while I am thisclose to being able to touch my toes (a miracle!) I have yet to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Apparently, that takes years. Which leads me to a conversation I had last week with a recent acquaintance.

Him: I want to write a book. I have the best idea.
Me: Great!
Him: it’s going to be a bestseller.
Me: Great!
Him: how long does it take to write a bestseller?
Me: as long as it takes to achieve spiritual enlightenment in yoga.

He didn’t laugh. Maybe it was my delivery? But I have these conversations all the time. People are curious about writing books, either because they like to read or they have a book inside them looking for a way out. The questions always peak this time of year. With spring on the horizon we’re coming out of hibernation and dusting off our dreams.

So in celebration of the flowers bursting out all over my California town, I offer this: if you have a question about the writing process or the publishing industry that you want to ask or you have a friend who does, email me:

No question is too big or small or inane or silly. I bet I have asked most of them myself at some point in time.

And I promise, no stupid jokes about spiritual enlightenment.

Have a great day, my friends!

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