August Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations for August

Let’s continue with our short book recommendations because we’d all rather spend our time reading the books, not reading about them, right?

These come from a genre I’ve named ‘girls in peril’ – they make me uncomfortable but I keep reading them. Don’t know what that says about me. (In fact I’m just about to finish All The Missing Girls – we’ll get to that one next month.)

1. Good As Gone, by Amy Gentry (adult). A child abducted as a thirteen year old returns home at twenty one. Strong start and unusual structure..

2. With Malice, by Eileen Cook (young adult). Eighteen year old Jill can’t remember any of the details of a horrific accident that took place abroad. When she starts remembering, things get complicated. A terrifying look at female friendships and how they can go bad. Very satisfying.

3. The Spindlers, by Lauren Oliver (middle grade). Super deliciously creepy. A young girl discovers the evil spider people who live ‘below’ have stolen her brother’s soul. In admirable badass fashion, she goes to rescue him.  I love the strong heroine and the fantastical journey. Great for MG readers who like things a little on the dark side.